The Camel’s Back

by Arnold Helsby
25-28 March 2015

_DSC0036  _DSC0092  _DSC0174

Director Lindsey Hudson

Prudence – Yvonne Hegarty
Faith – Ashley Gorton
Bob – Jasper Holliday
Tilda – Carol Arman-Addey
Miss Loveday – Judy Burrows
Ned Ruddle – Nick Noakes
Mrs Middleton Jones – Wendy Stuckey
Cicely – Estelle Homerstone
Samuel Meacock – Martin Pickering

2 Responses to The Camel’s Back

  1. Wendy Bateson says:

    Hello Hartley Players! My name is Wendy Bateson, and I am the daughter of Arnold Helsby who wrote The Camel’s Back. Hope you enjoyed performing the play, and had great audience support. My husband Simon and I live in New Jersey in the USA, but we visit the UK fairly frequently, and on two separate occasions primarily to see amateur dramatic performances of The Camel’s Back, and also my father’s other 3-act play Sky’s The Limit! For Camel’s premiere back in the 1930’s my father directed and took the role of Ned Ruddle. I have the original poster framed and on the wall in our family room.
    Best wishes, Wendy (nee Helsby)

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