Twelfth Night or What You Will

by William Shakespeare
19-22 November 2014

Olivia (Cheryl de Bie) and Viola (Elizabeth Hughesdon)  Sir Toby Belch (Andy Noakes), Feste (Mark Nurdin) and Sir Andrew Aguecheek (John O'Sullivan)  Maria (Margaret Bown), Sir Toby Belch (Andy Noakes) and Malvolio (David Clark)

Director Martin Pickering

Duke Orsino – Martin Arman-Addey
Sir Toby Belch – Andy Noakes
Sir Andrew Aguecheek – John O’Sullivan
Malvolio – David Clark
Feste – Mark Nurdin
Fabian – Jasper Holliday
Sebastian – Nick Noakes
Antonio – Peter Harris
Valentine – Terry Cole
Curio – Matt Hudson
Officer – David Trumper
Sea Captain – David Trumper
Priest – Martin Pickering
Olivia – Cheryl de Bie
Viola – Elizabeth Hughesden
Maria – Margaret Bown
Servant – Estelle Homerstone

1 Response to Twelfth Night or What You Will

  1. Kieran Carrigan says:

    The first time the Hartley Players have tackled Shakespeare and very good it was too. All the cast did well with a complex plot and of course the olde English dialogue but they made it look easy!

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